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Movie: Burrakatha
Banner : Deepala Arts
Rating : 2.00
Released On : Jul 5, 2019
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Cast: Aadi, Mishti Chakraborty, Rajendra Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali

Director: Diamond Ratna Babu

Producers: Kiran Reddy, Srikanth Deepala

Music Director: Sai Karthik

Cinematographer: C Ram Prasad

Release Date: 5th July 2019

We have seen a lot of dual role movies. Both of them are identical but their mindsets are totally different. But what if one person has dual brains? Director Ratna Babu has tried showing this in the movie Burrakatha. So has this unique concept entertained the audience? Lets read the review!


Rajendra Prasad prays to God that he should be blessed with twins. But he is blessed with a boy who has dual brains. He is Abhiram (Aadi Saikumar). So how do we recognize them? The person who fights a lot is Abhi & who likes to be cool is Ram. Abhi likes to enjoy all the luxuries of life and Ram wants to take penance. So finally how does his life turn into? What kind of difficulties does he face in life? Answers to all these questions forms the movie story.

Analysis :

Though the concept taken by Director is very interesting, he fails to show it in an entertaining & impressive way. He should have paid more attention towards the execution of the movie. Having said that he scores more points in clearly differentiating both the brains.

Plus Points:

Storyline & dialogue

Aadi Saikumar’s acting


Minus Points:

Story Narration & Execution



Comedy Track


Firstly the cinematography has to be applauded. Cinematographer Ram Prasad has tried to show each & every scene beautifully. Music is just okay. Production values are okay. The concept chosen by the director is good but the narration is not good.

TeluguOne Perspective :

As mentioned above, though the concept is good execution is not up to the mark. It seems like we are watching a new concept in a routine way. Thus the movie which had to be hit has gone into a normal movie’s category. Having said that we cannot even think that the movie’s comedy will be good. Though there was a good effort from Aadi, the movie will still disappoint the audience!


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