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Movie: Atharintiki Daredi
Banner : Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Rating : 3.50
Released On : Sep 27, 2013
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Attarintiki Daredi Review,Attarintiki Daredi Movie Review,Attarintiki Daredi Telugu Movie Review

Genere: Family Entertainer
Director: Trivikram
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Praneetha.

A Tale of a family with loads of emotions and cinematic flavors in it. 

Attarintiki Daredi Story: Gautham Nanda (pawan kalyan) is the grandson of a rich tycoon (Boman Irani). Nadia, daughter of boman irani, leaves home by marrying someone. After 25 years, Boman desires to bring back his daughter. Rest is all about how Nanda brings back his atta (nadia) to home and fulfills his grandpa’s wish.

Analysis :

A complete family entertainer with all emotions added in it. Trivikram’s screenplay and narration are undoubtedly awesome. He managed well to balance all the elements in the flick without any lag. Comedy, fights, emotions, dialogues are in sufficient amount and played a very key role in making it a full packed family entertainer. Music is a great highlight. First half completely dealt with establishment of plot. Whereas in the second part, director highlighted some hilarious scenes between Brahmanandam and Pawan Kalyan. Trivikram solved out the plot through a very big emotional dialogue with which end titles rolled over.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Teluguone Perspective: Introduction of Pawan kalyan is very unusual, unique and at the same time powerful too. Trivikram made the flick with his mark of dialogues and the result is a few claps, a few whistles and tears rolled out often. We can say that after a very long time director served us full meals and made our tummies full enough. Flawless comedy, performances of Boman Irani and Nadia were absolutely appreciable. Audience laughed out their lungs out for the comedy done by Brahmanandam and Pawan Kalyan. Chemistry between them is undeniably good. Usually we see Ali and pawan having a good time on screen. It didn’t happen this time much. Not only for pawan’s hardcore fans, it’s really a worth watchable for all the families. You surely will enjoy it.

Performances: first of all, Boman Irani’s performance is outstanding. And Nidia, She truly did justice for Atta’s character and she really apt to it. Pawan Kalyan is as usual looking powerful. All the emotional scenes were greatly expressed by the star. Samantha and Praneetha acted with ease. Brahmanandam, Ali and rest did their part well.

Technicalities: No question of negatives in music. All the compositions are a great highlight. Cinematography has done very well. Locations for the songs are pretty good.

Positives: Story

Negatives: Except some minor VFX Scenes

Final Word: A full packed Family Entertainer. A must watch film. You’ll have a very good time watching it.


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