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Movie: Aravind 2
Banner : Sri Vijayabheri Productions
Rating : 2.00
Released On : Mar 29, 2013
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Cast : Sri, Madhavi Latha, Kamal Kamaraju, Adonica, Banerjee, Surya etc
Music : Vijay Kurakula
Dialogues : Surendra Krishna
Cinematography : Rajendra Babu
Editing : Tirupathi Reddy
Producers : G. Ravi, Phanindra, Vijay Choudary
Banner : Sri Vijayabheri Productions
Release Date : March 29, 2013


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Sri along with his friends leave to Dhandeli forest for a trip and he is accused of killing all his friends as they go on missing. Police office Surya, father of Madhavi Latha (who is in the missing list ) arranges bail to Sri and tells him that his daughter had feelings towards him and was about to propose the very next day. Sri Gets disturbed by this and plan to find out the real mystery behind this entire incident. He joins a film unit which is ready to leave to Dhandeli forest for shooting. Can Sri unfold the mystery ? What happened to Madhavi Latha ? Who is the person behind all these incidents ? The answer for all these questions id 'Aravind 2'.

Analysis :

Movie begins with an unknown person chasing some people and killing them. Story moves on to Sri and the police have no clue about these murders. Director Sekhar Suri tried to maintain the suspense in the within the story till first half and the reason behind the murders and his flash back is revealed in the second half. Compare to 'A film by Aravind', this film lacks racy script. It just looks like another thriller with predictable scenes. Madhavi Latha's philosophy in the climax is a bizarre part.

TeluguOne Perspective :

When 10 people go together to a place and when some are missing, its human tendency that we start looking for others. People go missing and get killed, yet the other are not even bother about them for some time here. Technically Sekhar Suri has succeeded in making a good film but predictable scenes and casting mismatch has spoiled the film a lot. Movie run time is a major set back as well.


Eerojullo fame Sri has given his sincere effort for the role but he is a complete mismatch for the lead character and his screen presence is not at all appealing. His dialogue delivery is not up to the mark and sounded irritating in couple of scenes. Kamal Kamaraju is just OK. Adonica and Madhavi Latha have done their job. Avasarala srinivas, Banerjee and Surya were good.


Cinematography by Rajendra Babu is splendid. Songs by Vijay Kurakula are OK and his Background score is nice. Editing part is just OK and the production value of Vijayabheri productions are good.




Predictable Scenes
Actor Sri
Screenplay and Dialogues
Pace of the movie

Final Word : Logic less movie. Watch it at your own risk.

Reviewed by Vamsi Kaka


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