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Movie: Aavaham
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Rating : 2.00
Released On : Apr 16, 2010
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Rajeev (Sudeep) and his wife Aarati (Amrita Kanwilkar) and his daughter Raksha, Rohan settle in a house they find very peaceful and beautiful situated along the sea-shore. Raksha comes across a doll in the forest near the house. Innocent Raksha brings the spirit influenced doll home. The spirit belongs to Madhu, an evil woman previously killed by Rajeev. She becomes a ghost after her death and is waiting to take vengeance on him and his family members. She tells Rajiv that she would destroy his family through his wife Aarati. What happens next is to be watched on silver screen.

Analysis :

One wonders about the stupidity of the story. The flick moves with ghost oriented screenplay, and no mention about God or positiveness. This film could be considered as proof for RGV's love for ghostly (ghastly) horrors. His films like Raatri, Deyyam etc belong to the same genre. In those flicks, the ghost is visible in the mirror and here in this flick.. people cannot find their reflection in the mirror. Kudos to the directorial skils of RGV. The evil sprit enters the hero's wife's soul and begins to kill the people who wish to help the hero. In her attempt to kill his beloved daughter, hero's wife falls from the stairs and dies. Where does the spirit go... the audience is left in the wild. Though a great admirer of his films like Kshanakshanam and Sircar... never dreamt to degrade him while writing his film's review.

TeluguOne Perspective :

All the starcast did justice to their characters. Though the technical aspects are not of high calibre, the background score tries to horrify the audience. Not at all worthy! Watch at your own risk!

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