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life is beautiful telugu movie review, life is beautiful movie review, life is beautiful telugu movie review, lib review, lib movie review, life is beautiful rating, lib rating, life is beautiful review : Director Sekhar Kammula is back to his genre of youthful entertainers with his new movie 'Life is Beautiful'. Let us get into the movie review of 'Life is Beautiful' to know whether he has recreated the magic of 'Happy Days' or not.

Cast: Amala, Shriya, Abhijeet, Shagun, Sudhakar, Zara, Kaushik, Anjala Jhaveri etc
Banner: Amigos Creations Pvt Ltd
Producer: Sekhar Kammula
Story and Dialogues : Sekhar Kammula
Director : Sekhar Kammula
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography : Vijay C Kumar
Choreography : Swarna
Release Date : September 14, 2012

Life is Beautiful Telugu Movie Review Story :

'Life is Beautiful' movie starts with Amala Akkineni insisting her son Srinivas(Abhijeet) to move to Hyderabad along with his sisters and resume their studies living in their relatives house. Srinivas mingles with the people in the colony and makes few good friends like Nagaraju(Sudhakar), Abhi(Kaushik), etc and along with the friends, Srinivas also finds few enemies as well. Paddu alias Padhmavati(Shagun), Srinivas's maternal uncle's daughter falls for him in the meantime. Will Srinivas be able to succeed in his life, will he makes his mother dreams come true? forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

First half of 'Life is Beautiful' is entertaining with right mix of comedy, romance and drama. Sekhar Kammula, who is regarded as one of the sensible directors of Tollywood took lot of pain and has come up with apt casting. Life is Beautiful grabs the attention of the audience through out the first half and the narration attracts. Especially the chemistry between Srinivas-Paddu and Nagaraju-Lakshmi has been etched well. Though the first half is entertaining, Sekhar Kammula made pre interval episode very heavy with adequate melodrama.

Director seems to have lost the tempo in the second half, as the movie is good in parts. When ever there is boring moment, Sekhar Kammula adds some emotion content which makes audience end in tears. In spite of having few entertaining scenes, second half of the movie has been made very heavy with over dosage of mother sentiment. The concept of distinguishing B-Phase colony and Gold Phase colony has been convincing. The flight scene where Maya(Shriya Saran) is on her way to Vizag looked artificial. Amala Akkineni has made her comeback into films nearly after 20 years and her performance is excellent in a limited role especially in the climax. However, there is no proper connection among few scenes and some times you feel Life is Beautiful, a very routine fare.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Sekhar Kammula is one of the good directors in Telugu, who handles his movies very sensibly. This can be observed in each and every frame among his movies. However, Sekhar Kammula too got carried away in this film and it seems he didn't come out of  Happy Days hangover. The characters in the film too resembles that of Happy Days. Its hard to see Abhi, who looks boyish and a total misfit to the role romancing Shriya in this film. Obviously, after Happy Days there will be huge expectations on Sekhar Kammula as he is back to his genre with Life is Beautiful. But he could have made it with more conviction especially in the second hour as it is a bit lengthy. The climax episode could have been dealt well. Technically, Life is Beautiful has got its own positives and negatives. Overall, Sekhar Kammula  has failed to leave an impression and his Happy Days hangover with no entertainment makes this movie not so beautiful! He faltered in execution and the narration too is not so gripping,

Life is Beautiful Movie Review Performances :

All the newcomers have delivered a notable performances. Lead pair Abhijeet and Shagun did a wonderful job. Shagun is cute and looked beautiful on the screen. Sudhakar has excelled in the character which slightly have resembles to the role of Nikhil in 'Happy Days'. Kaushik and Zara played their part well. Shriya Saran was apt for the character of a rich girl and this role is a cake walk for the actress. Anjala Jhaveri did a decent job as well. Amala Akkineni impressed in a limited role.

Life is Beautiful Movie Review Technicalities :

Sekhar Kammula has come up with a nice story and he strives hard to make audience feel that its a feel good movie. His dialogues are good. Cinematography by Vijay C Kumar is good and Mickey j Meyer's music goes on well with the movie. Choreography by Swarna master is classy and the songs have been shot well.

Positives :

Clean Story
Lead actors Performances

Negatives :
Over dosage of Sentiment
Lengthy Second Half
Weak screenplay

Life is Beautiful Telugu Movie Review Final Word
: Life is Beautiful is not so beautiful!

Reviewed By : Vamsi Kaka

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