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Ayyare Story:

Ayyare Telugu movie review - Ayyare movie review - Ayyare Telugu movie review: Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) works as a security gu.....

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Ayyare Story:

Ayyare Telugu movie review - Ayyare movie review - Ayyare Telugu movie review: Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) works as a security guard at ATM and stays in a small house along with his daughter who was ailing from cancer. Being a poor man, he struggles a lot to meet the medical expenses and fails to provide necessary treatment for his only child. He further transforms into a God-man (Swamiji) and earns money for his daughter's operation. At one time, he wants to stop all this drama but  continues to do so against his wish by cop Gajapathi (Sai Kumar).

On the other side, a mechanic Venkatesam (Sivaji) falls in love with a rich girl Anjali (Anisha) at first sight . Anjali's father (Sivaprasad) surprisingly agrees to the marriage but later tries to threaten and eliminate Venkatesam. Having no clue about what had happened to Anjali's father Venkatesam starts introspection. In the process, Prasad meets Venkatesam and says that he knows what happened in the backdrop. Why Venkatesam believes Prasad? What business Prasad has with Venkatesam? What is the link Gajapathi has with Prasad? is the rest of the story.


Analysis :

The first half of the film is just OK and mainly focuses on the love episodes between Sivaji and Anisha. The second half brings the soul to the film and has few rib-tickling scenes which come at right time. Director Sagar Chandra should be appreciated for making an honest attempt with Ayyare. He made a promising debut and the choice of casting is apt. He showcased his directorial abilities and doesn't bring the feeling of a debutant at all. He struck balance between the love angle and the God-man episodes in the film. Ayyare won't appeal to the frontbenchers but certainly gives a thought about our society. Overall, the film is OK and passable.

TeluguOne Perspective :

For a film to run successfully it not only needs good content but equally good marketing. An aggressive promotion from its makers is required to make this film a hit. The director of the film tried to convey a social message which makes you to think about our present day society. Few dialogues in the film are practical, but could have been better. Cinematography is not up to the mark. Music is weak. Production values are substandard.



Sivaji as Venkatesam is adequate and has done justice to his role. Anisha Singh is beautiful and delivered a decent performance. Rajendra Prasad has given brilliant performance once again and pulled the film with elan. Saikumar's performance is neat. Venu Madhav, Sivaprasad and Srinivas Reddy are OK.


Final Word:

Ayyare is passable for its thought provoking content- but, fails to garner attention due to poor publicity and not so entertaining love story.

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