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Aha Kalyanam Story:

Two college graduates are poles apart, where on.....

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Yash Raj Films

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Aha Kalyanam Story:

Two college graduates are poles apart, where one plans on a career the other plans on nothing. Shruti and Shakthi are as different as chalk and cheese. Shruti hails from a middle class background. She is aspirational, determined and concentered and has set goals for herself as she reaches final year of college. On the other hand, we see Shakthi as a freeloader with no aim in life. He is more interested in having fun with friends than attending classes. This rom-com revolves around these two characters as they meet by chance and happen to become business partners. At first they hesitate to work together considering the complications, as Shruti aptly puts it, "Finance ni Romance ni kallupthe workout avvadhu". But they can't resist taking the plunge, however, pledging that they would never mix business with pleasure. Will they or won't they is for you to find out...

Analysis :

To be very frank, the film Aaha Kalyanam doesnt lives up to its expectations for the people who've already watched the super hit Band Baaja Baarat. However it is an enjoyable experience for the people who are watching it for the first time. Though it is not a regular Telugu format film. There are so many chances for Nani fans to have a huge smile and rejoice, since their hero has delivered what he is good at. Remaking Band baaja Baarat was a risk but director Gokul didn't appear to have taken that pressure. He was cool and clear. He should have definitely felt relaxed while taking this movie. A mediocrity and established script was in his hands and he just had to present it for a different set of audience. I can bet, not many can do that but Gokul didn't disappoint.

TeluguOne Perspective :

The story travels very smoothly in such a way that one doesn't yawn for a 140 minutes movie. I don't want to say the familiar story (Jabardasth) again and bore everyone. There are not much changes to the script, as it was only a song and few scenes added to suit the taste of Telugu audience. The taking of director Gokul Krishna is good in parts. The way he introduced Shakthi-Shruthi and established his Ghetti Mellam is good. However, he could not make a tight script to knit all the characters closer. This kind of storyline needs slick characterization and on-the-fly screenplay. The director failed to provide a gripping screenplay. Especially the second half narration is bit damn slowly and makes see the exit door twice. The comedy in the film is good in parts.


Performances: The performances are what hold the movie together, ensuring it doesn't fall dunk shot on flimsy plot. Nani takes the cake here. The actor manages to quite convincingly pull off the role of a Tapori character especially will make you laugh with his broken English. Bollywood actress Vani Kapoor is pretty in her looks  and does an okay job. Simran acted in a film after a gap of few years. She played the role of Chandra a top wedding planner and justified her character.  Rest of the characters are okay in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Dialogues of Rajiv Rajaram have wide ranged flavor in them. There are mass dialogues as well as some sensible comedy ones. Photography by Loganathan Srinivasan is good. There are few jumps in the editing of the film in a couple of scenes.

Plus Points:

Nani, Vani Kapoor,



Minus Points:

Drags in the second half,

Slow Narration and Editing,

lip sync should have been better

Bottomline: Yash Raj's Aha Kalyanam could have been a bit more S-Oho!

Rating: 2.25/5

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