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Nag Fans Angry on Kamakshi Movies

on Aug 13, 2011

There's a very strong bonding between Akkineni family and Kamakshi Movies. Their association dates back to a long way since they have worked together for several Telugu movies.  While few movies were very successful some others were washouts at the box office. But that's history as all the Nag fans are increasingly developing animosity against Kamakshi Movies and their selection of stories.


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Their latest movie 'Dhada' starring Naga Chaitanya has hit a new low and would be as one of the biggest disasters of 2011. Fan base lament that Dhada lacks the concrete script and screenplay and significantly, the director is a debutant – Ajay Bhuyan. Fans further say that how could Kamakshi Movies gamble with a debutant director handling a star hero, who is on the verge of hat trick. Fans are really miffed with Kamakshi Movies and their way of handling Naga Chaitanya.

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