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Vadde Naveen
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Vadde Naveen (Nov 30, -0001)
Name : Vadde Naveen
Palce Of Birth : Andhra Pradesh
Date Of Birth : Nov 30, -0001  (Age-2015)
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Vadde Naveen stars as Kalyan, a young man who aspires to be a Fashion designer. One day he bumps into Shweta (Sangeetha) and their first interaction turns into a sour experience. Shweta ends up humiliating Kalyan and subsequently Kalyan’s father throws him out of the house. Incidentally, Kalyan is appointed as the Creative Head of an ad-agency, the same office where Shweta also works. How do they face each other? How does Kalyan react when he realises that Shweta is married? Does Shweta reciprocate Kalyan’s feelings for her? That forms the rest of the story. The story of ‘Srimathi Kalyanam’ written by Sival, unfolds effortlessly and it’s a pleasant surprise to watch how well Sival establishes the characters. On one hand we have Kalyan who’s passionate about his dreams of becoming a fashion designer and on the other hand there’s Shweta, who’s trying to lead an independent life. It’s not clear if she likes Kalyan initially; however she repents for having humiliated him before they end up working in the same office. The story of the film turns a little complicated as Kalyan’s feelings for Shweta deepen and it takes an interesting twist when Kalyan comes to know of startling details about Shweta’s past. Of the star cast, both Vadde Naveen and Sangeetha deliver good performances in their respective roles. Although Naveen doesn’t exude the energy or sophistication that you would expect from such a character, he’s passable. Sangeetha is a revelation and does a good job with her expressions and acting on the whole. Sival, apart from writing and directing the film, has also handled the dialogues, songs and screenplay of the film. With so much to handle at the same time, he loses his grip on the supporting actors and their characterization isn’t done with care. For example, Chalapathi Rao who plays the role of Naveen’s father lives in a palatial house yet struggles to arrange Rs.5000 when his son asks for the amount. LB Sriram is wasted in the film and scenes involving his family members and Naveen’s friend drags. The film has an extremely dull setting with very low lighting. Except for couple of melodious songs, there’s nothing much to boast about technically. ‘Srimathi Kalyanam’ is not a bad film at all. Infact, the story has been well written. The conflict point is well established and Naveen, Sangeetha back it up with decent performances. However, except these things, the film is poorly executed. The film could have been much better if it was technically sound and it’s a pity because Sival, the director of the film did have a good script in hand.