Nimmakaya Kobbari Chutney
Author : Teluguone
Preparation Time : 15 Mins
Cooking Time : 15 Mins
Yield : 4
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Published On : October 15, 2013
Recipe Category : Pickles
Recipe Type : Solo Dish
Total Time : 30 mins
Ingredient : Lemon, Dry coconut, Dry Chillies, Garlic Pods, Salt.

Easy instructions to prepare Nimmakaya kobbari chutney

Recipe of Nimmakaya Kobbari Chutney

1- Lemon

1-Dry coconut

3- Dry chillies

3- Garlic Pods

Salt to taste

Directions | How to make  Nimmakaya Kobbari Chutney



Nimmakaya Kobbari Chutney





Take dry coconut,dry chilli,garlic pods and grind it, then add salt to the powder.

Make sure that you should not use water while making this powder.

Then add the lemon juice to the coconut mixture.

Now take a pan and pour oil and let it heat, then put mustard, urad dal, curry leaves and let fry till its turn in to brown color.

At last add the coconut mixture to it. Nimmakaya Kobbari Chutney is ready.