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Sweet Cheesy-Easy French Toast



French Toast is one that can be made with Salt and Sugar also. Find a bread loaf in the kitchen and think of french toast, its that easy n quick. We are getting ready to make a cheesier version on a french toast, which is a union of both pudding on cruchy bread and flan kind of taste!

We need: 

4 toast loaves

Fresh bread slices, edges removed

2 eggs

1/2 tbsp Vanilla essence or cinnamon powder

1/2 cup Unsalted unflavored cream cheese

4 tbsp brown sugar

Honey to garnish

*  A pan for toasting bread

Ghee or Oil


Beat eggs in a wide bowl, if you dont like or dont want too much fat, remove the yolk. If you are removing yolk, then you need 4 egg whites. Add brown sugar and vanilla or cinnamon powder for flavor and beat well, not too much, the mixture need not be frothy but sugar dissolved. Keep aside this egg mixture. Now take the breaf slices after removing edges and toast them to just- golden brown with ghee or oil on the pan. Then, dip one toasted bread slice in the egg mixture and let it soak for only 2 minutes. Place this soaked slice carefully on the pan and toast well, until the bread surface has no raw egg wash. Make sure, the slice doesnot burn.

Now apply a generous amount of cream cheese on the top surface of this slice and carefully remove from heat. Drizzle honey or sugar powder when it is still hot. The rest of the bread slices covered in egg wash and toasted. You can actually mix the cream cheese well to the egg wash and toast too. Sweetness of the toast after the whole process is important, we Indians like sweets, not the bland toast!  Children would like these. They are easy to serve, no- mess breakfast or heavy snack as they can eat on their own without your help. Topped with a dash of their favorite fruit pieces or dry fruits and nuts makes it better and healthy too. 



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