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Sabudana Payasam




5 tbsp        - Sabudana

1 cup         - Full cream milk

1 tsp           - Cardamom powder

3/4 tbsp      - Sugar

8                 - Almonds (Finely chopped)

10               - Pista (Finely chopped)

1tbsp           - warm milk

Few strands saffron


Soak the Sabudana in very little water for half hour then spread on seive and leave for few hours. Now take a heavy bottom pan and add milk and sugar and keep on high flame to boil it. Once boiled lower the flame and add sabudana and allow to cook for some time. Keep stirring continuously to avoid sticking at bottom. Add cardamom pd and saffron milk (Few strands saffron soaked in 1tbsp warm milk). Mix it, check the consistency of milk and even sabudana shud have doubled by now. Add half the almonds and pistas mix and remove from the flame and allow it to cool. Put it in a serving dish and garnish it with remaining pista and Almonds.




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