Panasa Pandu Payasam



Panasapandu Payasam is called as Chakka Pradhaman in Kerala. Jackfruit or Panasapandu has extremely wonderful health benefits like fighting aging, prevents anemia etc. So without any further delay – this varalakshmi vratam try this yummy payasam.



Jackfruit - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1 cup

Fresh Coconut pieces - ½ cup

Milk - 1 glass

Ghee - 4 spoons

Elachi - a few

Dry Fruits - ½ cup for garnishing



Heat a pan and add a spoon of ghee – Add dry fruits – Saute well till they turn golden brown – Take them out in a bowl and keep aside. Similarly – Add fresh pieces of finely chopped coconut pieces and saute till they turn crispy – Take them out in a bowl and keep aside. Now take the jackfruit pieces in a blender, mash it and keep it aside. Take a pan add little water and heat it & to this add the jaggery and let it boil in low flame. Now in another pan add ghee and the mashed jackfruit and keep stirring till gets cooked in ghee. It will take about 8 – 10 mins to cook well. Later to this add the jaggery water and let the mixture boil till they get blended peroperly. Later add the glass of milk little by little and keep stirring till all these ingredients mix well. Let them cook for further 8 – 10 mins. (Remember the more it cooks the more all the ingredients will blend well). Finally add the dry fruits and coconut pieces as garnish.....

- Priya