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North Indian Mathri



All-purpose flour       – 3 cups

Rice flour                  – half cup

Ajwain                       – 2 teas spoons

Salt                            – according to your taste

Pepper Corn              – 10

Oil                              – 2 cups

Warm oil                    – ¼ cup

Black salt                   – half tea spoon


* Take all-purpose flour in a large bowl and add ajwain to it.

* Add crushed pepper corns, salt, rice flour and black salt to the mixture and mix it well.

* Add ¼ cup hot oil and mix it well.

* Add lukewarm water and mix the mixture until it becomes dough.

* Cover it with a lid and keep it aside for one hour.

* Take a pan and pour oil into it.

* Meanwhile take the dough and make it into balls.

* Later on spread the balls and cut them into pieces (Matri).

* After the oil is heated in the pan, drop the matri into it slowly.

* Deep fry the pieces until they turn into golden color.

* Take the Matri out and put them on a paper napkin.

* After five minutes add a pinch black salt and serve it to the guests with hot coffee or tea.


..Himabindu Manchala

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