How To Make Goduma Payasam



Godumarava or Broken Wheat or Daliya is an extremely healthy food for all age groups. Mainly because it gets prepared easily and is perfect for breakfast. Lets see how to make this healthy porridge.



Daliya or Goduma Rava or Broken Wheat




Method :

1.Take 1 cup Goguma Rava in a bowl.

2.To that add 1 n ½ cup milk and 1 n ½ cup water

3.Now place the mixture in cooker for steaming (Let it pressure cook for upto 1 whistle and later steam it for about 5 mins in low flame)

4.To the hot and cooked goduma rava add 3 spon full of bellam and mix it well.

5.Finally add 3 spoons of milk and garnish with healthy nuts(badam, cashewnuts, anjeer etc)

Note: It can also be served with fresh/seasonal fruits.