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Milk                         - 1 liter 

Vermicelli                - 1/4 cup

Sugar                       - 1/4 cup

Corn starch              - 1/2 tsp

Basil seeds               - 1 tbsp

Chia seeds                - 1 tbsp

Strawberry syrup     - 1/4 cup

Cashews                   - 1 tbsp

Walnuts                    - 1 tbsp

Banana, strawberries, cherries for topping

Strawberry Ice-cream


* Warm the milk on the stove.

* Once warm, take one glass milk aside. Mix in strawberry syrup to half of that milk . Add it to the pot.

* In a separate cup, dissolve the corn starch in the other half of the milk.

* Add this to the pot with vermicelli,  sugar & cashew pieces and boil it for 10-15 mins until the milk thickens slightly and the vermicelli is cooked.

* Once slightly thick, turn off the flame.

* Add in the chia seeds. Stir well and keep it aside to cool down.

* Once cooled, place it in the refrigerator atleast 3-4 hours to get cold. 

* Take a tall glass. Add 1 chopped banana & 2 chopped strawberries. Now pour the milk mixture until 3/4 full.  Now add in a scoop of Ice-cream. 

* Top it with walnut pieces, drizzle strawberry syrup and place a cherry on top.



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