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Crispy Potato Wedges




Potato                      - 4-5 (cut into wedges)

Corn flour                 - 3 tbsp

Rice flour                 - 3 tbsp

Red chilli                  - 1/2 tsp (Crushed)

Garlic                       - 4 cloves (Crushed)

Sesame seeds         - 2 tsp

Oregano                   - 1 tsp

Lemon juice              - 1 tbsp

Salt to taste


* Cut potatoes into wedges and boil them for 5 minutes

* Drain out the water and place the potatoes on kitchen tissue.

* Make a sticky batter with the above ingredients, mix the batter with corn flour, rice flour, Red chilli, Garlic, Sesame seeds and potatoes and deep fry them till they turn golden in colour.

* Drain them out in a tissue paper and then serve the crispy potato wedges hot with sweet chilli garlic sauce or tomato ketchup.




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