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Chocolate Dosa



Spoiling a child with food is too easy, but those in their 3-4years age are tough, they want everything to look good first, keep aside the taste, it is secondary. To them, the word healthy comes with an ugly face, and tasty always looks good to the eye, hence, never tell them about healthy food, pretend as-if every food is only and strictly tasty. Even with a child who is super picky, once in a while, giving ourselves and the child a break from 'eating healthy manthra' is good, however, tasty means just adding one spoon of sugar here, not any colors or preservatives. 

Dosas are mostly accepted by kids, anyways...we are about to try a chocolate version of the same traditional dosa today, just make sure the batter is not fermented much...the more sour it is, the less tasty. 

For 4 dosas, We need: 

* 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

* Batter sufficient for 4 dosas

* 2 tbsp of brown sugar

* Just 1/2 spoon butter

* Vanilla essence or cinnamon powder if liked

Preparation Method: 

Mix the brown sugar and cocoa powder well first and slowly add the mixture to the dosa batter, add the flavoring items like vanilla or cinnamon at this stage and mix well. Heat an iron pan on high ( i dont suggest nonstick pans due to their unhealthy coating, sametime, iron pans tend to enhance the taste alot). When the pan is hot enough, reduce the heat to low and grease the pan with just some butter and spread the batter, similar to the way you do for ordinary dosas....the thickens of these dosas varies based on your child's preference...my child doesnot like any crunch, hence i make them as semi-pancakes and The amount of cocoa you add also the same...once the surface is dry and well cooked, your chocolaty dosas are ready. Stuff them with banana pieces, but or sprinkle dark chocolate pieces...you can even put a side of homemade rabdi or condensed milk for the dipping. Using the regular urad dal batter is a healthier option instead of using Maida...and for the topping, just drizzle some honey. I dont say your child 




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