Chicken Badam Pasanda




Preferably Boneless Chicken  - 1 KG

Ghee or  butter - 8-10 big spoons

curd - 250 grams

1 tablespoon whole black pepper

10 - cloves

5 green cardamoms.

2 spoons cumin.

2 spoons Garam Masala

3 spoons  Red chilli powder

4 spoons of garlic paste.

Salt as per taste.

Peeled Boiled Almonds


Make chicken pieces  thinner like slices. Now in a thick aluminium pot or kadhai add all the ingredients together. Mix them well and turn on the gas. Cook on high for about 10 minutes. Then cook on low for about 15  minutes or till the chicken  gets really tender. Spicy Chicken Badam Pasanda is ready. Garnish with boiled Almonds which makes it Badam Pasanda. You can also garnish it with cream just before serving..

- Raja Kumari