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Cheesy Garlic Potato Pancakes




Boiled potato           - one small size

Egg                           - one small

Oats flour                  - 2 tbsps

Baking powder        - a pinch

Garlic                         - 1 clove, minced

Mozzarella cheese   - a tbsp, grated


Salt and pepper to taste



Oil/butter for cooking


* Mash potato well till it resembles a dough.

* Mix in finely chopped capsicum, garlic and all the seasoning.

* Crack an egg and mix well.

* Next mix in the flour, baking powder and cheese.

* The batter consistency is neither too thick or thin. If it feels thick, add a tbsp of milk.

* Heat a non stick pan. Add butter or oil and put one scoop of batter and spread a little.

* Cook both sides till golden brown. Sprinkle some more parsley when done. And serve it hot



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