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Bobbatlu/ Bakshaalu



Bobbatlu is a typical Indian Traditional sweet which is made on every auspeciaous occasion and festivals.This is very simple recipe yet needs some technique to make .


For inside stuffing:

•    Chana dal( Senaga pappu) – 1 cup
•    Jaggery- 1 Cup
•    ½ tsp- cardamom powder

Out side layering:

•    All purpose flour – 3 cups
•    Salt- 1 pinch
•    Ghee- 2 tsp
•    Oil for cooking


• Cook chana dal until fully cooked without making mushy. Drain off the excess water and mash it thoroughly. ...

• Add jaggery and cook along with cardamom .

• Cook until the mixture thickens and forms a mass.

• Take out the mixture from stove and  let it cool; now roll  in to 12equal sized balls and keep them aside for stuffing.

• Now Knead the dough with flour by mixing  salt and enough warm water.

• Now divide the dough in to 12 equal balls and roll them in to small pooris.

• Now place the chana dal ball kept for stuffing  on the poori and  bring the edges together and close them slowly and gently  using  ghee.

• Now, start pressing  the stuffed ball with hand by applying some more ghee till it gets spread like a stuffued poori(paratha).

• Heat a pan and put this sweet poori  on the pan and toast it both the sides till it turns in to golden colour.

• Take out from pan and serve hot with ghee.



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