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* Flour(maida) - 250 grams
* Ghee - 80 grams to mix with flour
* Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
* Curd - 100gm
* Sugar - 250 grams
* Ghee



* Mix curd,ghee and soda together ,now add flour in batches . It will become an extreme soft dough.

* Make lemon size balls from dough, make a hole in balls. With this ratio you will have 13-14 balls

* Now take ghee in a pan, put 4 balls in it. Please note ghee is completely at room temperature. Cover the pan with lid. Turn on the flame and keep it simmer.

* After 3-4 mints, remove the lid . You can see badusha will be almost double in size. turn the Badusha very carefully to get cooked on other side as well.again cover the lid.

* After 2-3 mins remove the cover and turn the Badusha. Repeat the process for rest of the Badusha.

* Now mix 1.5cup of water in sugar and keep on the flame. Once sugar dissolves turn off the flame.

* Now with the help of tablespoon, pour sugar syrup on Badusha.  Repeat the process 2 times n keep turning Badusha up and down. Please note we don't have to dip badusha in syrup.

* Collect the syrup which left out during this process and mix it with remaining syrup.

* Now keep the remaining syrup on flame and let it become of one thread consistency , add the Badusha in this and keep turning continuously till sugar start solidifying.

* Now take all the balusahi in a plate, garnish with pistachios and serve it.


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