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‘డైనమైట్’ సెన్సార్ రిపోర్ట్
మంచు విష్ణు హీరోగా, నిర్మాతగా డిఫరెంట్ చిత్రాల్లో నటిస్తూ, నిర్మిస్తూ తనకంటూ ఒక ఇమేజ్ ను సొంతం చేసుకున్నారు. ప్రతి సినిమాలో డిఫరెంట్ లుక్, స్టయిల్ తో ఆకట్టుకున్నారు. 24 ఫ్రేమ్స్ ఫ్యాక్టరీ బ్యానర్ పై ప్రస్తుతం దేవాకట్టా దర్శకత్వంలో
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Suddenly Srimanthudu Opened Their Eyes
Even Mahesh Babu has adopted couple of villages after the release of Srimanthudu movie. It got perfectly timed that it helped the publicity of the film
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Rajamouli, Not On 50 Days, React On Rape Too
The other day director Rajamouli criticised that Baahubali will not block any theatres for 50th day to make some records. Today happens to be the 50th day
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Even For Second Time, Lip Kissing Is Nervous
Like we said earlier, Rakul Preet has come up with a lip kiss in her latest Kick 2, where she planted that deep kiss on Raviteja’s lips. But it didn’t looked much
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Tollywood’s Jil Villain Obsession
One guy scores a hit with one particular actor, and others do follow it. That’s what happens in Tollywood always. Currently our film industry is obsessed with
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Decoded: The Meaning Of Akhil’s Tagline
Youngster Akkineni Akhil has finally arrived with the first look of his debut film. “Akhil” is the title of his debut
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