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Teaser of Suriya's 'Masss' packs a punch
Suriya Masss teaser trailer: The teaser of Suriya’s Masss has been released and it is already making a big wave in social networking sites. The visual begins with a voice over of Suriya who utters the famous
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Hrithik's statement struck everyone
Actors giving nude appearances on screen for huge budget films is a common now a days. Hrithik's upcoming High budget film Mohenjo Daro directed by Ashutosh Gowariker which is getting shot
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One of the much awaited films of the year is BaahuBali and this film is called Magnum Opus of Tollywood, from the trusted sources post production work of this film already started , Along with some indian studios Rajmouli hired the
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You must be knowing the proverb “Try and try until you get succeed even Nara Rohit following this , His debut film “Baanam” was too good and he got good recognition and his very next film was “Solo” it survived for a while because of family drama and from there he continuously opted
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స‌మంత కాద‌ని... త‌మ‌న్నాతో..
చిత్ర‌సీమ‌లో ఎవ‌రి ప్లేసుకీ గ్యారెంటీ లేదు. హీరోయిన్‌గా ఒక‌రి అనుకొంటారు.. చివ‌రి నిమిషాల్లో మ‌రో క‌థానాయిక వ‌చ్చి ఆమె స్థానాన్ని ఆక్ర‌మిస్తుంటుంది. ఇప్పుడ‌లానే స‌మంత స్థానాన్ని ఎగ‌రేసుకుపోయింది త‌మ‌న్నా. నాగ‌చైత‌న్య - చందూ మొండేటి కాంబినేష‌న్‌లో ఓ చిత్రం తెర‌కెక్క‌బోతోంది.
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Boyapati's Birthday gift from Bunny
Boyapati always associated himself with Nandamuri family for the first time he approached Mega family member with his script. Allu Arjun accepted to work with him. Sources also inform that SS.Thaman
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