AP Municipal Elections Schedule- 2014

Publish Date:Mar 11, 2014





State Election Commissioner P. Ramakanth Reddy said that Election Commission worked on Sunday to release the schedule on a war-footing to comply with the Supreme Court orders on March 7.

He blatantly blamed the past State government for the present situation and despite several reminders the Government failed to respond to finalize the reservations for municipalities and PR bodies. Now the elections to the municipalities, panchayat raj institutions, Assembly and Lok Sabha seats were scheduled to be conducted at one go which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the State govt. machinery and the support staff who have to help in the electoral process. Answering a question regarding postponing the Municipal elections which is back to back with the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections , he clearly said that cannot be done and the commission would abide by the Court rulings. GHMC Hyderabad would go for elections in November.

Municipal Election Schedule  for 146 municipalities and 10 municipal corporations w.e.f 10-03-2014

    Last date for receipt of nominations- 14-03-2014
    Scrutiny of nomination -15-03-2014
    Last date for withdrawal of nominations and publication of list of candidates contesting- 18-03-2014
    Date of Poll – 30-03-2014
    Date of repoll( if any)- 01-4-2014
    Date of Counting- 02-4-2014


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Publish Date:Jul 23, 2014

Taiwan’s Trans Asia airliner flight No:222 was crashed, while landing in a rough weather at Penghu airport in Taiwan on Wednesday evening. 51 passengers were killed on the spot and seven are badly injured in this accident. There were total 54 passengers and 4 crew members on board.

 YCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy seems to be much eager than the farmers and dwakra groups over loan waiver. Earlier, he served ultimatum to state government that his party will start agitations if TDP government fails to clear all the loans within one month. But, today he gave a call to his party cadres for a three day protests and dharnas all over the state protesting the government’s ideas to cheat the farmers by prolonging the crop loans waiver issue.

The controversy erupted with the letter and media statements by Markandeya Katju, the Chairman of Press Counsel of India, who earlier has served as Supreme Court Judge forced the NDA government to give reply to his allegations.

Ruling TDP government of Andhra Pradesh has made it clear to Shivarama Krishnan committee that it would to build the new capital between Guntur and Vijayawada in an area of 15,000 acres. Municipal Administration Minister P Narayana accompanied by a high level delegation has conveyed this to the committee members yesterday.

 Leading Russian Tennis star Maria Sharapova faced the fury of Sachin Tendulkar’s fans for saying that she doesn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar is.

YSR Congress party president Jagan Mohan Reddy alleges that his party was defeated because the people have believed false promises made by Chandrababu Naidu. However, he admits that his party was defeated because of over confidence of winning the elections. This reveals that if he has any doubt about his party’s victory, definitely he also opts for crop loans waiver promise that gives edge to TDP over YCP in the elections.

Finally, the dilemma over sharing of IAS, IPS and IFS officers between two states is cleared after the Centre has issued a notification allocating officers to both states. However, which officer will be allocated to which government is yet to be known. Chief Secretaries of AP and Telangana states have requested the Centre to let the local officials serve in their same places.

Publish Date:Jul 22, 2014

The BJP has held a high-level meeting, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to discuss government formation in Delhi. BJP top brass split over delhi government formation.

Publish Date:Jul 22, 2014

 Andhra Pradesh Municipal Minister P Narayana and state government’s official representative in New Delhi Kambampati Ramohan Rao have met Shivarama Krishnan Committee today at New Delhi and conveyed the state government’s opinion and preference over the location for building the new capital. Since, the minister has categorically stated that the government is keen to build the new capital between Vijayawada and Guntur cities probably they may conveyed the same to the committee members today.



Congress party’s failure to retain power at Centre is showing its adverse effects on the party. First, many of its leaders dare to blame Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for the party defeat, which stops them from taking charge of the party in the parliament. The elections effect further carried forward and betrays its chances to get leader of the opposition party status in Loksabha. Instead of feeling ashamed for its miserable situation, it is preparing for a legal fight with NDA government on this issue.

Ever since AP CM hints that he prefers to build the new capital city between Vijayawada-Guntur cities, the realty business in the surrounding areas triggered and there was sudden and steep rise in the land costs. Though, one may relate the increase to demand and supply formula, actually some realtors, politicians, big businessmen are behind this steep rise.

Publish Date:Jul 21, 2014

Some recent decisions taken by AP and Telangana governments’ are directly reflecting on each other. AP Government’s decision to increase the retirement age limit of the state government employees from present 58 to 60 years, had its effect on Telangana state government employees. They demand the T-Government to implement the same for them also, but T-CM KCR has promptly rejected.

 As a part of two-day-district-visit program, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will visit in Ananthapur district on July 24, 25th. Previously, he visited some villages in West Godavari for two days and interacted with the people and dwakra groups there. Now, he will meet people in Dharmavaram, Putaparthi and Kadiri constituencies. At the same time he will also hold meetings with district police, revenue and municipal officials and review the administrative situation.