Publish Date:Dec 29, 2014

Gray hair! It is the first sign of old age observed in human beings. But is it really a sign of old age? Not in the contemporary times. Sadly even the young people these days are having to deal with gray hair. Why is this happening? Research says that there can be a number of reasons for the early onset of gray hair in people. The reasons usually range from nutritional deficiency to heredity.

Science explains that when the body stops producing a pigment called melanin, hair turns colorless making it gray along with that hair that has not lost color yet. The lack of oil production on the scalp is also identified as a cause for early graying of hair. The other reasons include chronic cold, sinusitis, hormonal imbalance, faulty diet stress, anxiety thyroid disease,folic acid deficiency.

There is no need to get disappointed already. If I have pointed out a problem, I will also suggest a few simple ways to get rid of this nagging and embarrassing problem. Some home remedies can prevent you from aging early. Including curry leaves in your diet works very well. You could also apply a curry leaf paste on your scalp along with some hot coconut oil.

Another trick is to apply butter made of cow’s milk. Do this twice a week and you will see the difference. Keep the food like   refined flour and sugar, soft drinks, pastries, jam, too spicy food, hot food, chilies and oily dishes at a distance. Remember to take a liter of yoghurt with a tablespoon of yeast before every meal. This will delay graying of your hair. Stay young, stay beautiful!


........Kruti Beesam

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