Publish Date:Feb 25, 2015

Many of us cannot start our day without a cup of Coffee. That’s okay! What’s not okay is not being able to spend the day without it. So if you are a coffee addict you must read this. Excess coffee can put you at a greater risk of a number of problems, that are otherwise not likely to bother you.

Let me take you through some such problems. A study conducted by University of Melbourne, suggests that excess caffeine can cause auditory hallucination in you. This has been said after a controlled study on 92 people.

If you thought only alcohol can damage your liver, you are mistaken. Coffee can do that too! For confirmation you could ask the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. They will help you understand that if a moderate intake of coffee can help the liver detox your body, large amounts can prevent it from doing its function.

Carnegie Mellon study revealed that too much coffee may cause your blood pressure to shoot up, leading to shallow breathing. Having coffee to many times in a day can make you irritable. The most obvious effect of excess coffee intake is, insomnia or sleeplessness. You will not get the number of hours of sleep, your body needs to help you lead a productive day.

Now the main question is, how much is too much? Experts say that drinking more than 5 cups of coffee per day can make you vulnerable to all the above mentioned problems. So, enjoy your coffee but be careful!

-Kruti Beesam

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