Cigarette packs to hold 85% warning

Publish Date:May 4, 2016


The supreme court has today upheld the instructions by the central government that the cigarette packets should be displaying pictorial warnings upto 85% on the packets. The Supreme court has though transferred the cases related to such warnings to the Karnataka High court. But has instructed that the legislation should be carried until the Karnataka High court delivers its judgement. The cigarette companies have been severely opposing this law.


Their argument is that such huge warnings on the cigarette packs would encourage the smuggling of cigarette packets with lesser warnings. The cigarette manufacturers of India has also gone into an indefinite strike which costed the industry, a few billions per day. But the government hasn’t backed from the stringent legislation stating that, every year almost 9 lakh Indians were dying due to the health hazards posed by the consumption of tobacco based products.

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