Never Test Knowledge of Subramanian Swamy



Subramanian Swamy is the most trusted BJP Leader and he is like one man army , It is known that he will not even spare his own party leaders if something goes wrong , we have seen it manytimes now you can think about opposition parties , He already made Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to run in national herald case following them he kept P Chidambaram and his son in hardtime and recently Sashi Tharoor joins the club .

Many people tried to outsmart him but their efforts went in vain from Arnab Goswami to Owaisi recently actor prakashraj was completly ripped by swamy in a debate during that show a girl from audience well from media precisly she tried to outsmart Mr Swami based on what he told durng debate about 2 articles in constitution ie Article 37 and Article 48 .

Lady from the audience questioned his knowledge on constitution saying  "Sir, according to Directive principles of state, it should not be enforceable" (she tried to correct swami saying that beef ban is not enforceable by the State). 

Subramanian Swamy took it in a lighter vein and said dont be a semi literate and asked her to read it completly then she continued  and said, "but the principles are fundamental in governance and it’s the duty of the government to implement it" . Then he said this is what he meant to be and he said 

let me educate some of the semi-literate here. When they say, it’s not enforceable by the court it means i can not go to the court and say it’s my fundamental right to have uniform civil code(or beef ban) so you(people) can direct the gov. to implement it, that’s all but it’s also the duty of the gov. to implement it and more .……. That’s the exact word used in the constitution." With this we can easily say that swami is filled with ocean of knowledge and his mastery towards constitution

You can view the incident here



                                                     View of Karthik Kotamraju

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