Deal With Stress The Japanese Way

Publish Date:Dec 28, 2016

Stress is generally a part of everybody's life, but it definitely needs to be checked by using specific methods that can give us relief. Some follow the method of meditation others do some physical exercise. The Japanese have rejected all these methods and have come up with an all new method that simplifies the entire process to a great extent. They recommend an exercise with your fingers to deal with a stressful situation.


This method will also help you understand the importance of each finger in dealing with different kinds of stress that you encounter every day. Before we can clearly  understand the Japanese stress relieving method, we must get an idea of the significance of each finger in dealing with stress.


The thumb helps you deal with anxiety. In a fearful situation it is the index finger that comes to your rescue. Finally, little finger is what helps you deal with situations in which you are nervous. It is also known improve your self confidence and optimism.


Now that we know the significance of every finger, we shall explore the Japanese way of getting rid of stress. This method requires a person in stress to hold each finger with your other hand and hold it tight for one or two minutes. The pressure should be such that you have a pulsating experience in each finger. It is believed that practicing this everyday will help you cope with stress in a better way. Next time you are stressed try to deal with it the Japanese way!


..Kruti Beesam 

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