Shedding away the Tummy Flab!



Is a puffy midsection your concern? Here is how to get rid of the flabby abdomen. Well, a point to be jotted is that the puffiness is not always because of fat it may be due to bloating too! Bloating is the retention of fluids or gas which is an outcome of the slow digestive process of the body. All you need to do, to get rid of the flabby tummy is follow some rules and regulations!

By giving body adequate amounts of fiber we actually put down the incidence of constipation which helps in preventing water-retention. Daily and a prompt cup of cereals is a must for the aspired flat tummies!

Subtracting a major amount of sodium from our diet is beneficial as it retains fluids. Adding potassium rich foods like bananas minimize the amount of water retained in your torso! Avoid keeping a salt cellar on the table and tossing some of it over food!


Intake of sugary and carbonated drinks leads to bloating keeping these away can ease your road to flat stomach! Drinking adequate water is also very essential as it helps in absorption of water and ease constipation thus counteracting bloating. A minimum of 8 glasses per day is required for an ideal human. Apart from drinking water can also be substituted through food, fruits and veggies with high water-content are also advisable!

This problem of bloating is most commonly seen women after and during early forties. By pulling down this bloating effect you can guarantee yourself a flatter and fitter look!!


Take Care!!


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