Sakala Janula Samme: KTR Abuses Policemen

Publish Date:Oct 17, 2011

sakala janula samme ktr arrest, telangana rail roko ktr arrest, ktr rail roko arrest, ktr abused police, foul mouthed k t ramarao, kcr son ktr abuse police, ktr sitaphalmandi railway station While demand for a separate Telangana state is justified or not is purely debatable, the way the Sakala Janula Samme is shaping out is definitely despicable. The mushrooming political-heirs like K T Ramarao, Harish Rao (son and nephew of TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao) and their several alikes are behaving as if the State is their 'baap ka jaagir', lament the senior T-protagonists.


Sometime ago TRS MLA Harish Rao beat a dalit employee of A P Bhavan in Delhi in front of full glare of the media. On Saturday, it was the turn of foreign-educated K T Ramarao to show his true 'refinement' in public. While organizing rail roko protest at Sitaphalmandi railway station, police took him away and for reasons better known to them, brought KTR back to the same place from where he was picked up. The enraged KTR started abusing police officers who were present there and also who were not. The language he used was not at all becoming for an educated person like him.


Every sane and prudent Telanganaite present there felt ashamed to be led by such a foul-mouthed leader like KTR, who didn't mind even abusing the police by mouthing filthy words like 'nee amma....' in public. Senior citizens, who have also witnessed 1969 Telangana agitation spearheaded by late Marri Chenna Reddy, say they have never come across senior leaders using filthy language however enraged they might be. But these 'newly rich doras' (KTR-Harish-like) behave as they like and try to get away by saying that it was their frustration that resulted into this kind of behaviour. But, elders say, it is not true. In this kind of agitations, the frustrated one always happens to be 'the common man' and the one and only reason for these political-heirs' behaviour is the 'ill-gotten money and power' inherited by them.