Solar Mathew

Publish Date:Sep 16, 2013






Sun is the major source of energy to this Universe. Though we accept this fact, we are not utilising this energy to the extent we actually can do…. Who will start first? Let it be some one- this is the general tendency we all carry… Unlike us Sun will not wait for us raise in the mornings… Rather it leads us towards sunrise… Similarly, we have another Sun, who raised in Patna to Frontend a great Agitation to Protect the environment.


Being a Pastor in his early life in a Church in Patna, , listening to the devotees and carrying their wishes to God, suddenly he wanted to do something to this Mankind instead of waiting for some miracle to  happen… This is how he started an Organization called Solar Alternative and Associated Programs (SAAP).

While working in Patna church, he observed, majority of  people depending on the natural resources , such as trees from the forest to take care of their regularly fuel requirements. As such the resources are very limited in that place and about 50% of the population live below the poverty line! When people go on cutting the forests it was rapidly affecting the weather conditions in that area and  especially during the rainy season, bringing with more tough situations. According to a survey in the Capital City of Bihar, Patna, there is only one tree for every 2000 people here! The forest range bordering was almost on the verge of becoming extinct. Realizing this ecological crisis in the state, Fr. Robert Athickal started an Organization along with some students under the banner of student forum for environment called "TARUMITRA"  which was influenced Fr. M. M. Mathew, and he became one of the main activists of this movement  and took the initiative to look into the alternative sources of energy to face the energy crisis  followed by ecological crisis.

While taking active  part in this moment, he also went to Gujarat to  study more on the renewable resources, there he met the great German scientist and inventor of solar concentrated Scheffler community cooker , Mr.Wolfgang Scheffler. Under his guidance Fr. Mathew started manufacturing Solar cookers and promoting them to the people in the nearby villages. When he understood that most of the trees are cut during the weddings and other occasions in the villages where huge crowd is participated, he  handed over big size Solar cookers to the community centers to reduce the usage of  wood for cooking. Along with this, he also started distributing these Solar cookers to the families sizing above 5 members and shifted their usage to solar energy from wood used for cooking. Currently Most of the places in Bihar and Jarkhand use the same cookers.

Having a bigger vision ,  Fr. Mathew shifted his focus and  successfully  installed the first commercially viable and fully satisfactory solar block steam system . This product really helped the farmers to safeguard their  product under the solar steam and sell them when the right price comes… he moved forward and helped most of the hospitals, Hostels, Hotels and Industries to install this Solar systems.

He has not stopped there… Still working on Green energy by promoting roof gardens to balance the eco system.  On the other hand, he started  vocational  training Institute   providing   training to number of youngsters. This has shown them a path to self employment  and encouraging them to help the mankind.

Having a vision, zeal to perform  and help the Mankind and creating a force from the younger generation…… don’t  you think these are the qualities of the Hero….

So he, Fr. M. M. Mathew is here as our Real Hero……

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