Speaker's Action-plan Against Jagan-loyal MLAs

Publish Date:Aug 26, 2011

jagan mlas resignations, jagan loyal mlas, ap assembly speaker jagan mlas, nadendla manohar mlas resignations, speaker congress mlas resignations, speaker tdp rebel mlas, speaker jagan loyal mlasAccording to sources, the AP Assembly Speaker Mr. Nadendla Manohar is ready to take action against the 29 Jaganmohan Reddy loyalist Congress MLAs who submitted their resignations last week. As a first step, the Speaker will dispose of the disqualification petition that the ruling party moved against 4 legislators for anti-party activities.

The state Congress party has filed a petition to the speaker several weeks ago seeking the disqualification of the four MLAs on the grounds that they were defying the party and openly sailing with the YSR Congress chief. They are Konda Surekha, C Adinarayana Reddy, G Srikanth Reddy and A Amaranth Reddy. Except for Surekha who is from Warangal district, the remaining three are from Kadapa, the native district of Jagan.

Sources in the speaker's office told that Manohar will take a decision on these four MLAs in the next couple of days, before taking up the issue of the remaining 25 MLAS, who put in their resignations last week. "If the speaker does disqualify them from the assembly, it will be a big blow to the Jagan camp," said sources. Apart from the Congress, the TDP has also filed disqualification petitions against its MLAs Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy and Bali Nagi Reddy, both of whom got elected on the TDP ticket but shifted their loyalty to Jagan. Sources in the speaker's office said the speaker will take up the TDP petitions after finalizing his decision on the Congress MLAs.

But before Manohar takes up the resignations of the remaining 25 Congress MLAs, he would have to dispose of the resignations submitted by the four TDP rebel MLAs, Nagam Janaradan Reddy, K Hareeswara Reddy, Jogu Ramanna and Venugopala Chary. After examining their resignation letters, if they are in the prescribed format, they will be dispose of at the earliest. "Since the TDP rebels are creating problems, the speaker wants to clear their case at the earliest," said the sources. Only after all these petitions are dealt with would the speaker take up the issue of the 25 Jagan loyalist Congress MLAs.

However, with regard to the resignations submitted by all the 11 TRS MLAs for the second time after their first ones were rejected, the speaker is likely to turn them down again as they had only faxed them the letters and not submitted them in person and in the prescribed format.