How often do you skip "Breakfast"?

Let us first understand why people skip breakfast in the first place.

1.Sometimes it is just a long-standing habit – you just never got yourself into the breakfast routine. And, since you think you have managed to get through your morning okay over a period of time, you just tell yourself you don’t really need to eat since that is your habit.

2.Maybe you are not hungry in the morning because you routinely eat an exhaustive dinner and also snack all night until bedtime.

3.Maybe you simply don’t like breakfast food or you just rely on a cup of strong tea/coffee to get you going.

4.May be you don't have enough time in the morning to plan, prepare and eat breakfast food.

What may not know is that a strong connection has been discovered between breakfast and many health-related problems!

You would have expended energy yesterday when you were awake and your body used the building materials at night to regenerate itself.

In addition, your body has also expended 1 litre of water during the night through breathing and sweating, as well as your visit to the bathroom.

So your body wakes up “empty” in the morning and, for its trillions of cells, it begs you, “please give me back all the nutrients, energy and water I have expended in the last 24 hours.”

You will also lack the mental and physical energy you need to get through your workday without a breakfast as body can't run without required fuel. Not only that, the breakfast habit is associated with better weight management and a better diet overall.

So think thrice when ever you may want to skip breakfast for any of the 4 reasons above.


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