Publish Date:Jan 27, 2015

We are all aware of the fact that the food that is popular among the population today, does not make any positive contribution to our health. So its time we give up our present food habits and turn towards a balanced diet. When I say balanced diet I mean, a meal consisting of fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products.

We have only read about this for a science exam in school. Its time we put that lesson to practice. This article will describe to you why each of the above mentioned things are essential and you decide whether to accept or reject my suggestion.

Fruits and vegetables will give you those vitamins and nutrients that are exclusively available through them. They are low in fat content and high in water so you don't have to worry about adding to your calories.

The next thing that must be on your plate is a good source of protein. The main function of proteins is to repair and help in the growth of your hair and nails along with helping in healing of wounds. So if you want lovely hair and quickly healing wounds, protein is a must!

There is nothing new I can say about the importance of dairy products. Its known to all that they are the richest sources of calcium. So if you dont want a calcium deficiency, make sure you get at least 200ml of milk everyday. What are you waiting for? Start a healthy life today!

-Kruti Beesam

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