Heart Attack - A Frightening Event


The blood pumping organ heart is also supplied by two coronary arteries arising from the Aorta, the mighty vessel supplying the body. These arteries supply the heart muscle i.e. Myocardium, this muscle too requires oxygen to work like any other muscle in the body.

Since heart has only two of these arteries run over the heart surface supplying heart, thus a blockade of any of these can be fatal. Blockade is mostly caused by fatty deposits most commonly labeled as Atherosclerosis, while the other deposits are calcium, inflammatory cells and proteins, these form plaques which may rarely rupture and get dislodged to form clots which can initiate the same process of blockage at distal.

Post the block, the vessel is narrowed down thus denying heart muscles their share of blood, which manifests as angina or heart attack. When an attack of angina occurs, a part of heart muscle dies!

The imminent signs of Heart Attack are: Chest discomfort mostly manifests as heaviness rather than burning often mistaken for acidic reflux, discomfort varying from jaw to abdomen especially radiating to left arm, breathlessness, profuse sweating or even lightheadedness. If any symptom pops up make sure you are rushed to medical care

These fatal events can be minimized to an extent by following a healthy lifestyle! Take Care!!


-Koya Satyasri

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