In our life we tend to ignore the fact that our body needs to be taken care of. In the rush of trying to make a life, we forget to live it. There are some simple health facts we tend to ignore everyday, which when given attention can be life changing.

A health study has revealed that the number of people dying of lack of exercise is now the same as the number of people dying because of smoking. So, its time you change your lifestyle, if you want to live longer. Some simple exercises everyday can add a few extra years to your life.



Its also important to keep track of what you eat and where you eat it from. Research says that those who eat either breakfast or dinner in a restaurant have a greater chance of being effected by obesity than those who mostly eat  home cooked food. Although it is considered socially inappropriate to fart, it has been found that by allowing yourself to fart, you can decrease high blood pressure and stay healthy.



You must have heard people say laughter is the best medicine. Now its time to know how. Experts say that laughing hundred times in a day is as good as exercising on a stationary cycle for 15 minutes. So, laugh a lot and stay happy, because happy is healthy.


Remember not to sit continuously for more than 2 hours in a day. Sitting for a longer than that is known to decrease your life expectancy by two years. If you have the habit of sitting for long hours, find a reason to get up and walk a little. Making a few changes in your routine can improve life to a great extent.


-Kruti Beesam

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