The well-guided – Duke Diet!!

The idea of the Duke Diet is – Weight loss is much easier and more effective if done under the supervision of an experienced support team, which would include; nutritionists, exercise physiologists, medical doctors, and psychologists to help us change our eating and exercise habits. It is rather easy to join in a centre, where the specialists are approachable; nevertheless the online programs are also quite effective.

The duke diet plan is a low-carb and low calorie diet, it is a well known fact that fruits and vegetables are not only packed with disease-fighting nutrients, but they're also great for losing weight and maintaining weight loss. These are also packed with fiber and water, thus producing satiety and reducing our appetite. By filling more than 50% of our plate with fruits and vegetables, there is less room for junk food. Maintaining schedule is also very essential, studies have revealed that we have failed to recognize the hunger clues, thereby over-indulgence into meals. It is advisable to have five to six small meals.

The emotional eating is yet another obstacle in our path; we should cross-check with our mind, if we are hungry? If we are feeling low? What else can substitute it? Keeping a record of what and when are we eating, this aids in balancing out diet and counting on the calories too. Even though we stick to the diet of 1,200 to 1,800 calorie plan, occasional indulgence into sweets is exempted, but it need not be followed by over exercise or starving.

Over all, this plan requires good motivation, to stick to the plan and physical exercise!


-Koya Satyasri

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