Diabetes and its complications

Publish Date:Nov 18, 2013


As we know that diabetes is a metabolic disorder. Most of the diseases occur with added hardships and Diabetes is no less in this respect!
Once you are diagnosed and confirmed being diabetic. After being assured of Diabetes it your part to know more about your disease and its side-effects!!

Diabetes is the root cause for many health complications from skin problems to stroke!! In diabetic people feet are the most vulnerable areas as the nerves loose their sensing ability called neuropathy. Many people have very little or no sensation over their feet; pining or tingling sensations is an indicative of high risks; many are irresponsive to pain which an advanced stage. It is good to see a podiatrist for periodic foot check ups!

Vision related problems are also very common in diabetic patients. Of these serious complications are cataracts and retinopathies. American researches have concluded that diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause for blindness in the age group ranging from adolescent to senior citizens! So get your vision screened every six months!

The higher glucose content in blood stream reduces the blood circulation, thereby posing a serious threat to your heart. It is a proven fact that people suffering fro diabetes are more prone to death due to heart disease!!

Due to the poor circulation the kidneys are also affected, moreover diabetes is the root-cause for 40 percent of kidney diseases. As kidney is a major cleansing organ, it is functioning is to be monitored carefully and rectified accordingly!!

These are the common complication caused by diabetes. Though diabetes is dreaded disease it is treatable! By avoiding these complications the diabetic person is assured of a quality enriched longer life!!

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