Publish Date:Jan 29, 2015


Sensitive teeth can be very annoying. They make you deprived of all your favorite things. But what causes the strongest part of our body to become so sensitive? When this question was put to Chun-Pin Lin and colleagues, they said that tooth sensitivity is the most common observation in dental patients. Tooth sensitivity dentists say is the result of enamel degradation that leads to exposing tiny, porous tubes and allowing underlying nerves to become more vulnerable to hot and cold. Presently there are toothpastes that seal the openings of the tubes. But these are not that effective as they cannot tolerate the wear-and- tear of daily brushing and chewing for too long. Research has found a solution to this. A unique paste made of calcium and phosphorus can do the magic. It was first applied on a dog’s teeth as an experiment. This experiment revealed that it repaired exposed tubes more deeply than other treatments. So, check if your dentist is updated before he treats your sensitive teeth.


-Kruti Beesam

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