The Doctor Foods!!

Publish Date:Dec 26, 2013





There are certain foods are having the innate ability to cure some particular illness. By including these to your daily routines you can cure the illness and believe it or not these are the prescribed foods, thus having a full-proof recovery!!


Memory loss, for this illness a quarter cup of sunflower seeds daily will be drug. These seeds are loaded with Vitamin-E which protects our neurons from oxidative stress. This memory boosting little ones can make our lives a lot easier!

Well, all of us would like to freeze our age at the moment! As that is impossible, we can slow the process by the intake of one full orange a day. Vitamin-C and proteins help in healthy production of collagen and keep our skin youthful and graceful!

Puffy Eyes, mostly seen when over-slept! This is due to the retention of fluids around the eye; these can also lead to dark circles! A cup of refreshing Green tea post-meal daily can reduce the puffiness and other unwanted swelling over the body.

When you enter a new environment, the first organ to detect is the stomach! Stomach gets upset as it is away from its comfort-zone. Peppermints aid in digestion and also soothe the inflammatory pain through out the gut. One or two post dinner is more than enough!

Lacking energy after a long day? Then grab a Banana, this energy rich fruit is packed with potassium and magnesium which are the key for energy production and storage!

Instead of popping in the chemically loaded capsule try these!

Take Care!!

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