Juice Fasting!!


Juice fasting, as its name goes it is a fasting method and a detoxifying diet wherein we consume fruits and vegetables juices only. Most importantly the juices consumed are not the canned or tinned ones rather they are the freshly prepared by juicing the fruits and vegetables.

Many people believe it as a way to cure most of the incurable diseases like cancer, depression, autoimmune diseases and also believe it to assist in gallstone passage. Though, none of these benefits are clinically proven. So, it might be wrong to say that it is healthy practice.

Before we adopt a new habit it is always good to know it possible side effects. While following this routine one must make sure to include adequate amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Moreover it adds to worrying woes to bowel movements. These juices also lack the appropriate amounts of sodium which often lead to episodes of headache nausea and irritability.

These fasts aren’t supposed to long more than few weeks. Juice fasting for a week without limitations on physical strain is capable of reducing cholesterol levels significantly.

Juice fasting is ideal for cleansing the body of toxins and aid in weight loss. Besides it is also a healthier and simpler way detoxifying your body.Before sticking to this program of Juice fasting we need to accustom our body to healthy foods by copious feeds of fruits and vegetables prior to fasting.

Juice fasting is a package of boons and banes!
Whether to follow it or not is ones own decision!

Take care!!


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