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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-08-20

Description - KK or Krishna (Jagapati Babu) into her little world. And with him, he brings cheer into her otherwise dull life. Suddenly, her problems are solved in a jiffy and she takes to the guardian angle in her life. Of course, he having a daughter Janu about the age of her nephew-son Chikoo, does not deter her from falling for him. But there has to be trouble in the la la land. So, in comes the twist in the tale in the form of KK's wife Vidya (Bhoomika). Like in most films with a triangular love story, one of the characters has chronic leukemia. Thankfully, Dasarath spares us and does not fall into the trap of using a rather lengthy scientific name.

Star Cast - Jagapathi Babu, Bhoomika, Sarath Babu, Bramhanandam, Dharmavarapu, Sunil, L.B.Sriram, Sangeetha, Krishna Bhagavan

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