Nuvvu Vasthavani
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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-01-20
Nuvvu Vasthavani

Description - The story begins in a railway station. Chinni reveals to his co-travelers in the train that he has just been released from prison and that he has served a term of 7 years. Chinni is an aspiring singer and is waiting for his big break. Indu (Simran) gets to hear his voice but all her attempts to catch a glimpse of this lad are in vain. Since she doesn't know how Chinni looks like and neither does he know that she is his admirer, each time they happen to encounter each other Indu seems to perceive that he is a goon and in one such deadly accident she also loses her sight.

Star Cast - Nagarjuna, Simran, Kota, Brahmanandam, Ali

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