Ninne Premistha
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Genres: Love
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Added On: 2011-11-23
Ninne Premistha

Description - Kalyan(Srikanth) is a Bank officer who is transferred to an interior place of 'Konaseema' along with his friend cum assistant (Rajendra Prasad). There he finds a beautiful belle 'Meghamala' (Soundarya) who looks like the silver screen incarnation of 'Yenki Pilla' .
Meghamala impresses Kalyan by offering him all the help a neighborhood girl can do to a bachelor. She serves him coffee every morning, dinner every night. She makes him feel that she is in love with him. She always is looking into his eyes. Kalyan, who is bitten by the love bug, informs his parents about his love and ask them to talk to the girl's parents and fix the marriage up. When the parents of Kalyan go to Meghamala's house to ask for her hand, she refutes saying that she does not love him. Dazzled by the turn of events, Kalyan asks Meghamala why did she behave like that. Then she explains that she never loved him. She just helped him as she admires him. There is no love in it. It was pure admiration as he is her neighbor.

Star Cast - Akkineni Nagarjuna, Soundarya, Sri Kanth, Rajendra Prasad

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