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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-07-19

Description - The story revolves round this mentally disturbed child who is brought up by a church's orphanage. He is excellent at his academics but poor in social behavior. He grows up to be a normal child with certain maladjustments. At his college he falls in love with the girl who treats him as nothing more than a good friend. But when he is about to confess his love for her, he realizes that she loves another guy. Unable to take this he now tries getting her into his sweet words and takes her to the forest. What happens to the two in the forest? Do the actual lovers unite? What is the fate of the poor girl and the maladjusted guy? Answers to these and many such questions lie in the film Nenu, watch the film and find the answers to these!!

Star Cast - Allari Naresh, Veda, Abhishek and others

Director - E. Satti babu

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