Nee Thodu Kavali
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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2012-02-27
Nee Thodu Kavali

Description - Vasu is an orphan, who lost his parents at a tender age. He becomes a famous architect and falls in love with Maanasa (Charmi) and marries her. Maanasa is a kindhearted lady and loves doing charity work for orphans. After two months of marriage, Maanasa gets hurt in a car accident. The doctors declare that Maanasa would not survive. There is a heart patient Sindhu (Rimmi Sen) who is in need of a heart for her heart transplantation surgery. Maanasa agrees to give away her heart to Sindhu. Maanasa expires and her heart is transplanted into Sindhu.

Star Cast -  Deepak, Charmi

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