Good Boy
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Genres: Love
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Added On: 2010-11-13
Good Boy

Good Boy

Description : Vamsee, played by Rohit, behaves irresponsible from the beginning causing displeasure to his father (L.B.Sriram), who constantly blames his son for not making good progress in his academics. He is below average student and by the time the film opens he is in second year graduation. Krishnaveni (Navneet Kaur) is rich girl and has the habit of playing fake drama with boys who come to her and say they are in love. Same thing happens in the case of Vamsee. She takes his proposal sweetly and responds positively as if she is also in love with him. But when he advances she checks him and tells she has only fooled him. Vamsee gets upset and does not take exams. On the other hand he goes to court and files a suit saying she ruined him pretending love. The Magistrate (Dharmavarapu) gives judgement in his favor and asks the examination board to hold examination we exclusively for him and asks Krishnaveni to pay all the bills for disturbing him. Even then he could not write any thing on paper. But his parents and friends bang him for chasing the same girl who is insulting him. He takes it as a challenge to become IAS. He succeeds and Krishnaveni is his now.    

Star Cast : Rohith,Navneet Kaur

Producer : K Paidibabu,K Suneelkumar Reddy

Director : G Nageswara Reddy


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