Dishyum Dishyum
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Genres: Love
Partner rating: U
Added On: 2011-09-16
Dishyum Dishyum

Description - 'Dishoom' is all about an affair between a stuntman and a student who pursues course on arts and sculptor. The way two persons of different thoughts come together is the main theme. The movie begins on a slow note it gathers momentum as it progresses. Risk Bhaskar (Jeeva) is a stuntman in films. He comes across Cinthia (Sandhya), a college student. A couple of meetings make them get acquainted with each other. Cinthia comes to know of the risks faced by the stuntmen in their everyday work. Bhaskar develops love towards her. But soon after coming to know that she is not interested in reciprocating his love, he wants to leave from her life. Missing his company, Cinthia calls on him and urges him to continue their friendship. She promises to marry him in case if she develops love towards him in future. Bhaskar tries to impress Cinthia. Cinthia's mother Malar (Makavika) disapproves their love. Cinthia also loses her father Jaya Chandran (Nasser), who works as a fire and rescue person, in one of his attempts to stop the fire. Malar decides to get her daughter married and even arranges her wedding. And some interesting turn of events that reunites Bhaskar and Cinthia forms the rest of the story.

Star Cast - Jeeva, Sandhya, Rohini, Nazar and others

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